Play the star wars game with and fly yourself into space, enjoy fighting aliens from different galaxies. Defend your planet and experience with all ultra sonic ammunition.

One of the favorite movies off all time, star wars is a film series that was created by George Lucas back in 1977, which hit the theatres and created huge success in building fans who love to watch the series till date. The legacy continued and different versions, in


different years were released that just kept recreating the Star wars film that helped in attracting more and more fans around the
world, from adults to infants all age group has loved this series.

The epic series is wonderfully directed that shows life in space. This idea of this famous star wars serial has inspired the gaming world so much that there are various gaming manufacturers who have converted this block buster movie into games that can be enjoyed playing with your own favorite star wars character. have that Star wars series that have been created on almost all consoles, The Play station, Xbox 360, and Nintendo. These gaming consoles have created a huge impact on children they sit down and play for hours, as they run and jump around shootings, float through space and while they blast their way through galaxies. Using their skills to kill enemies and fighting the villains, and finally defeat the greatest enemy Darth Vader and his allies.

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