Emirates are offering official sponsor to Formula One, so get ready for thrilling action in the entertaining event of all time

Have you ever watched a race in a formula one event, well this time they are coming to the Middle East with hot and sizzling race lined up. The sheikh’s of Middle East are going to hold this event in March starting from the Malaysian grand Prix. Emirates Chairman has spoken to the media about the formula one grand prix. An agreement has been signed between the chairman and owners of Formula one owner. In which they have discussed that the event in March would value up to $10 million.2013-f1-sponsor-emirates-main_560x420

Sheikh Ahmed said that they would bring more events such as Formula one into United Arab Emirates and would promote emirates, as they have become global partners. The idea of motor bike racing is being promoted after the success of this event.

There is quite a lot of investment being done for this event, sponsors have started to tag their brands on racer cars and different commercials are linking to this event. This race has brought a lot of traffic in the shopping area because people want to buy different gears, apparel, jackets, Shoes, watches, toys etc relating this form of the game. The online business has bloomed better and it climbs every day. Visit your store if you would ever like to own something that belongs to you.

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