2013 London Toy Fair is going to be gigantic because they will be introducing the best tech toys for the year ahead.

Looking for brand new toys this 2013? The London Fair 2013 has promised to bring in the best toys for you and your child. This year thousands of toy manufacturers are going to display their latest innovative toys built in 2013. Many countries across the world and many cities around Europe will get together in New York to put up this display. There is a hot topic in how should their toys be designed for toddlers or reshape them and how should they interact with tablets. In this particular event there are about hundred countries that are actually getting together for the betterment in the toy industry.


Well there are many manufacturers who have clearly stated that the toy industry has less innovation and children are losing interests. Well the toys are not linked up with the latest smart invention gadgets, therefore many manufacturers have decided to introduce the toys to smart gadgets. In certain reviews toy manufacturers have reported that there was a fall and they are facing certain issues and not creating the revenue they generated last year.

With the introduction of smart gadgets, the toy industry sales are falling lower and lower day by day. The solution to this problem is simple you need to link toys with these smart machines, in order to gain the interest of children again.

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